Dimmer switches are a convenient type of light switch that allows you to adjust brightness levels on a sliding scale between all the way on and completely off. These switches are a convenient addition that gives you the ability to customize lighting and create exactly the light levels that you need when you need them. These lighting accessories work by adjusting the electrical current that enters the circuits of a light to reduce the overall energy that the bulb has to use; less energy powering the bulb means that it cannot burn as brightly, resulting in a gently dimmed light.

While many find traditional switches to be fine for daily use, dimmers add another element of functionality that makes your lighting scheme much more versatile. Whether you’re setting the scene for a candle lit dinner, keeping the lights low during a movie, or simply prefer softer illumination most evenings, dimmer switches bring a level of flexibility that means your lighting can be adjusted to be ideal for any occasion.

While they offer a lot of added utility, most dimmers are actually no more difficult to connect than traditional light switches. However, if you are not experienced with electrical work, always err on the side of caution and have a professional electrician install them for you.

Also, note that while dimmers are a useful accessory that works with most lighting, some types of LED bulbs are not able to be dimmed. So, if you are using LED light bulbs in your fixtures, be sure to check their product specifications to ensure that they are listed as dimmable.

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