Louvers International ADV2-2T5-20 2 Lamp 2 Ft T5 HO Advantage ADV2 Vaportight Fixture NSF IP66 Rated

Louvers International ADV2-2T5-20 2 Lamp 2 Ft T5 HO Advantage ADV2 Vaportight Fixture NSF IP66 Rated

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Louvers International's ADV2 Series of 2 Lamp 2 Ft T5 HO Vaportight Fixtures were designed to be used in low to medium mounting heights where dust, humidity, and moisture are present. These vandal-resistant fixtures features wide, quick-release stainless steel latches, knockouts for 1/2" hub connector on back and sides, and luminaire disconnect. They are UL listed, IP66 rated, NSF approved, and CE listed.

Use them in indoor or outdoor locations where light fixtures will be exposed to vapor, water, or other harsh environmental factors.  Existing HID low (<20 ft) or high (>20 ft) bay fixtures not only use lots of energy compared with today's technological standards, but HID lamps burn out quickly over time and lose their lamp life gradually until they burn out, typically within 2 years.  This leaves you not only with expensive electric bills and maintenance costs, but it leaves your building in the dark as the bulbs lose light output gradually.  You can get the same light output using 50% energy when retrofitting any HID/HPS lighting fixtures.  These water proof fixtures will enable you to not only save a lot of energy and reduce your electric bill, but T5HO lamps last 30,000 hours, or roughly 4-5 years (at typical yearly operating hours).  They also maintain 90-95% of their initial light output.  This means that you'll have a bright, maintenance free, energy efficient new lighting system in your facility for years.  Please feel free to give us a call to help you with your individual application!

• parking garages
• tunnels
• temporary construction lighting
• food processing
• walk-in freezers
• under awnings
• car washes
• subways
• laundry facilities
• farms
• barns
• sport arenas
• stairwells
• wash bays


OA: 26 ¾””L x 6 ¼”W x 4 ¼” D

• UL Listed, IP-66 Rated, NSF approved, CE listed
• High-Impact Polycarbonate, UV stabilized, Lens & Housing.
• Acrylic lenses available for NSF applications
• Advance -20° universal wattage ballasts with 5 year warranty
• Luminaire disconnect included
• Multiple 7/8” knockouts
• Safety straps hold gear tray to housing
• Cold rolled steel gear tray in baked white enamel.
• Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets included
• Stainless Steel Latches
• Optional Polycarbonate Latches
• Lightweight, Slim-lined, single packed units.
• Fixture guaranteed for one year against mechanical defects in manufacture.
• Specifications are subject to change without notice
• The Advantage is assembled in USA
• The components are: 10% from USA, 40% from Mexico, and 50% from China

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